Midi Fighter Twister not detected (Windows) - MidiOutWinMM Errors


If you are having issues with your software of choice not detecting the Midi Fighter Twister under Windows then it's possible it's drivers aren't correctly installed or something else in the installation has gone the wrong way. This guide will show you how to safely remove and re-install the Midi Fighter Utility and the drivers for your device.

Note: Windows has a hard time sharing MIDI devices between program so make sure any MIDI or professional audio software (Traktor, VirtualDJ, Ableton, etc) is closed BEFORE opening the MF Utility and vice versa, specially if you see a MidiOutWinMM error message.

1. With your device connected directly to your computer press open the Control Panel and locate the Midi Fighter Utility, once you do so right click on it and select "Uninstall" as shown below.

2. Close the "Control Panel" window and press Start again, this time typing "Device Manager"

3. Your Twister should be listed under "Sound, video and game controllers", right click on it and select "Uninstall"

Note: If your Twister isn't listed as such or you see "USB Input Device" listed instead uninstall that one


5. Disconnect your Twister from your computer along with any non necessary USB devices (you can keep external keyboards and mice plugged in)

6. Shut down your computer and turn it on once again. Make sure your Twister is NOT connected before turning it on.

7. Download and install the Midi Fighter Utility from this link.

8. Finally, connect your Midi Fighter Twister directly to your computer (no USB hubs) and it should be detected properly.


If you are still having issues after following this guide please contact us directly at support@djtechtools.com.


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