How do I map the Super Knobs for my Twister?


The Super Knob functionality on the Midi Fighter Twister is inherited from the Pro range. This feature basically allows you to send a second MIDI message with a single knob once a specific point in it's range is crossed. This is the basis on how fader effects or similar complex mappings work since you can, for example, have the first range mapped to the dry/wet parameter of an effect and once the 12 o'clock position is crossed increase the feedback parameter on a delay to create your very own Macro effects.

  1. With your unit connected directly to your computer open the MF Utility.
  2. Click on the "Encoder Settings" tab
  3. Select the knob you want to use a Super Knob on and click on "Enable Super Knob"
  4. Repeat Step 3 for all the encoders you want this feature on
  5. Once ready click on "Send to Midifighter" to upload the changes to your unit and close the MF Utility.
  6. Now open your software of choice and map it as usual, just remember that basically the first half of the Knob will only send the original message while mapping (it uses all the range when Learn is off) and one you cross the middle point it will only send the second half for you to map.

Taking the top left encoder on bank 1 as an example, the encoder sends CC00 through it's whole range controlling the frequency of the filter and CC64 starts being sent along side when you cross the knob's 12 o'clock position modulating the Resonance and adding some extra flavor.

Note: You can customize the Super Knob start and ending position in the "Global Settings" tab of the MF Utility, this means that it will affect all knobs with the feature turned on (it's not possible to customize it per knob currently).


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