How do I set up my Midi Fighter 64? - Ableton


Getting your 64 up and running is quite an easy task! This article shows what you need start jamming in no time.

1. If you don't own Ableton already you can get their 30 day trial by following this link, once installed you'll use the serial number sent to your inbox to activate it.

2. Download and install the Midi Fighter Utility for your OS (Windows / OS X)

3. Make sure the MF Utility is closed along any other MIDI related software and open Ableton.

4. Navigate to Ableton's preferences menu and click on the MIDI/Sync tab.

5. Make sure the Track and Remote settings are enabled for your 64 as seen in the image below


6. Once that is handled all you need to do is arm a track with a drum rack in it and you should be good to go! You can find instructions on how to import Mad Zach's or Ill Gate's Sound Packs here.

Note: If you still can't get any sound or your Midi Fighter 64 isn't displayed in the preferences window make sure you close the MF Utility and any other MIDI related software before opening Ableton.

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