Twisted Gratification Audio Glitches


This problem is caused by a command which this mapping used called "Send Monitor State" who's job is basically update the LEDs on all devices when you press or release certain buttons and making sure all lighting is in sync. Depending on your computer's processing power and OS this can lead to the audible stutters since it's basically Traktor not being able to keep up and prioritizes the LED update rather than audio.

Currently there are two ways around it until NI fixes the CPU consumption of this command again (it's a problem that comes and goes depending on the version of Traktor you run and is not Twister specific) which are as follow:

  1. You can try rising the latency for in the audio preferences, by having a bigger latency this means that there will be a slightly larger delay between you using a control and it being audible in Traktor (like rising a volume fader) but it gives the program enough time to finish all processes without any audio glitches.
  2. Should the first option not be enough for you then you can try this modified version of the Twisted Gratification mapping stripped of said command. LEDs should still work for the most part but it's possible one of the LEDs might fall out of sync. Still, it's perfectly useable.

We do our best to keep our mappings CPU economical but sometimes we need the extra raw power to ensure that a great mapping does it best but as you can see this can sometimes introduce a few issues caused by Traktor bugs.

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