Order Status = Under Review


For some reason your order got automatically caught in our high tech fraud detection software (code name: fraudy)

You can remove the hold immediately by taking one of the following actions: 
1. Call us at +1 (877) 645-5377 between 2:30pm - 5:00pm PST Mon - Fri 
2. If you are a member of our DJ community, please complete your DJ TechTools profile including links to your Facebook, Website, SoundCloud or Mixcloud pages* 

If we can't verify your identity within the next 72 hours the order will be cancelled.

*Thank you for your patience and support in this process. We get a lot of fraudulent order attempts that cost us, and the community thousands of dollars every month. By demonstrating that you are a real DJ, it's helps DJTT save money and keep prices low. This will only happen once, and your orders will be always clear in the future.

If you haven't received an email from us, check your spam folder. 


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    this happen's time to time... just be patience :D

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    I guess I don't have a choice huh?

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    Ean you are lucky I like you so much. I was just about to send my pirates to come to your studio and get all your gear. Thanks for giving people like me the opportunity to do what they love. 

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    Dave Rosowski

    this happens when some info doesnt line up. like the name on a CCard, or address associated with said CCard. Some banks will freeze an account if youve never spent money at a certain store before. 

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    Martin Sandoval

    I honestly never had this happen to me, there should be more information after the order had been processed. Besides "your order is under review", or call the person please!!!! Thank You