Twister not recognised/detected by the MF Utility


If your Midi Fighter Twister isn't detected by the MF Utility please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the MF Utility for your OS: Windows / OS X
  2. Download the attached MFTwister - file and unzip it, it will give you a *.hex file. Don't open it, you'll do that in step 6.
  3. Connect your Twister to a USB port, do NOT use a USB hub.
  4. Close any music related software that can handle MIDI such as Traktor, Maschine, Ableton, SeratoDJ, VirtualDJ, FLStudio, etc and only then run the MF Utility.
  5. Click Tools>Midi Fighter>Load Customer Firmware>For a Twister
  6. Navigate to the file you downloaded in step 1) and click "Open".
  7. The utility will now flash your Twister and it should now correctly connect to the utility.

If your Twister sends MIDI to other software but the MF Utility doesn't recognise it in OS X  do as follows:

  1. With your unit connected directly to your computer go to Applications>Utilities and open the Audio MIDI Setup application
  2. Once that is open click on Window>Show MIDI Window
  3. If you see your Twister greyed out then select it and click on Remove Device
  4. Finally click on Rescan MIDI and your fighter should work properly

Note: If your computer detects it as a Generic MIDI Device then double click it and change the Device Name to "Midi Fighter Twister".


If your device isn't displaying the initial animation or still doesn't work as expected please contact us here.

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    Rob Broadley

    I was having problems with this, it worked fine when I unplugged all other usb devices (connected via hub on the other USB port). So if anyone is having trouble I suggest trying it when MF is the only connected device.