What Programs Do The Sound Packs Work With?


The Sound Packs work best with Ableton Live and all come with .alp files to load straight into it but we also offer ready to use files for other popular software. The list below details the compatibility of each volume:

  • Vol.1 - Ableton / WAV 
  • Vol.2 - Ableton / WAV
  • Vol.3 - Ableton / Traktor / WAV
  • Vol.4 - Ableton / Maschine / Traktor / WAV
  • Vol.5 - Ableton / Kontakt / Maschine / WAV

Don't own any of the options listed above? No problem! You can still load the WAV versions into any sampler and if you are using Vol.5 you can get the free Kontakt player from Native Instruments and use it with any controller or even your computer keyboard. 


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