Important Notes on Macro FX and Flux Mode after updating to TRAKTOR PRO 2.6


Please note the following important information when updating your installation of TRAKTOR PRO 2 to version 2.6.

Macro FX

When updating from a previous version of TRAKTOR to version 2.6, your settings from the previous version will get imported by default. These settings do not contain the new Macro FX. In this case, there are two ways to add them after updating TRAKTOR.

Note: Method 1 is recommended, however your saved Effect Snapshots will be overwritten in the process. If you saved your own Effect Snapshots in the FX Units and wish to keep them, choose Method 2.

Method 1

The new Macro FX in TRAKTOR 2.6 can be added to the list of available effects by importing the "Macro FX.tsi" settings file.

  1. Open the TRAKTOR Preferences and click on the Import button.
  2. In the open dialogue, navigate the following path: Default Settings > Effects. Select the file "Macro FX.tsi" and open it.
  3. Confirm the import by clicking OK in the Select Categories to Import window.

This will import the new Macro FX to your Pre-Selected Effects list. They are now ready to use in the FX Units.

Method 2

After installing the TRAKTOR 2.6 update, you can manually add the new Macro FX to the Pre-Selected Effects list.

  1. Open  the TRAKTOR Preferences > Effects menu.
  2. Select all desired Macro FX and click the Add button to move them to the Pre-Selected Effects list.
    Add Effects
  3. Close the Preferences menu.

The new Macro FX are now ready to use in the FX Units. However, the Macro FX knob will be set to a default value of 0 % instead of 50 % in the current Effects Snapshots. To correct them, proceed as follows.

  1. Load the first Macro FX and set the knob to 50 %.
    Macro Knob
  2. Click on the number of the FX Unit.
    FX Button
  3. Select Save Snapshot from the drop-down menu.

Repeat these steps for each Macro FX. You may also save a Snapshot for a knob state different that 50 % if this suits better to your workflow.

Flux Mode

If you do not own the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 hybrid controller / mixer, you might have difficulties finding a direct control for the Flux Mode feature in TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.
The Flux Mode can be accessed from the drop-down menu of the Deck, by clicking on the Deck header letter and selecting Flux Mode.
Flux Mode
When Flux Mode is engaged, you can perform various transport actions (jumping between Hotcues, doing Beatjumps and setting Loops) while preserving the original progression of the track. A green marker in the waveform will indicate the position of the track from which playback will resume as soon as you disengage Flux Mode.

Flux Mode can be mapped to any MIDI controller in TRAKTOR`s Controller Manager. You can add the function to the Assignment table under Add in… > Deck Common > Flux Mode On. To add Flux Mode to your TRAKTOR KONTROL X1, S2 or S4, you can use the Override function in Controller Manager as described here.

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