The Alert Indicator on my TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 / S2 is flashing


The Alert Indicator (see picture) flashes if one of the issues described below has been detected.


The CPU load of TRAKTOR is too high

This might happen if you are running TRAKTOR on a computer which is at the lower limit of the system requirements. In order to resolve this, open the Audio Setup in the TRAKTOR Preferences and increase the Latency (see screenshot):

Note: Further information about latency can be found in the article "What is Latency?" which is linked in the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page.

Other measures to minimize the CPU load are to reduce the Keylock quality, the number of used effects, to work with two Decks instead of four or to avoid using the Sample Decks.

The power supply of your laptop is disconnected

We highly recommend to run your laptop with a power supply. Most laptops will then run in a different energy mode which causes a higher system performance. Another benefit is that you don't have to take care of the battery charging level during a live set.

TRAKTOR's main volume or headphone volume is too low

Make sure that neither the MAIN knob nor the headphone VOL knob below the right deck are set too low. The alert will only be triggered if the levels are nearly the minimum.


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