My Midi Fighter Won't Work


Often when it fails, the Midi Fighter is no longer recognized as a USB device by the computer and generally odd LED behavior results upon startup (usually all LEDs are on or none at all but it doesn't go through the LED snaking intro).

Things to try if you think your MF may have died:

* Try using a different USB cable

* Try using a different USB port

* Try using a different computer

* Make sure nothing is shorting out the "Reset" or "Boot" pin holes

* Try re-flashing the MF PCB, for info on how to see

* If you are unable to enter boot mode (by holding four corner buttons before plugging in USB) and you are trying to re-flash your PCB, you may need to enter boot mode manually. For more info, see

* If you can't get into Boot mode with the method listed above, please try one last method to manually get your Midi Fighter pcb into boot mode and re-flash. We have found that this saves the majority of all "faulty" Midi Fighter pcb's.

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