No headphone output from VCI-400 SE


If you're not getting headphone output from your VCI-400 SE, make sure to check these three things:

     1) Make sure that the VCI-400 is selected under "Audio Setup" in Traktor's preferences.



     2) Make sure the "Mixing Mode" is set to "Internal" and the "Output Monitor" is set to "Monitor Out L and Monitor Out R"



     3) Make sure the software and the hardware gain for your headphone cue is turned up.

**Be aware that both the software headphone cue and the physical headphone level knob on the front right of the controller need to be turned up to be able to hear sound.**


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    George Naranjo

    I can't get the music to come out of the main output though (the speakers connected to the computer)...

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    worked for me thankx!!!!!!!

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    Chris G

    @DJmirage, Glad to hear it Mirage!

    @George N, Please contact our support desk if your still having problems!

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    Dayne Teves

    Got this same problem with Serato DJ... Any fix?