How do I map my 3D's motion controls in Ableton?


If you want to assign the motion controls on the 3D to any knob in Ableton doing it is quite easy.

  1. Open Ableton Preferences and enable REMOTE IN under the MIDI/SYNC tab
  2. Close the preferences and press the MIDI button on the top right of Ableton's interface, you should see part of the screen turn blue
  3. Click on the parameter or knob you'd like to control with the accelerometers and then tilt your unit in the direction you want it assigned.
  4. Click on the MIDI button again to exit mapping mode and you now should be able to control that parameter with your 3D. 

This process can be repeated along all 4 axis and for the rotation controls too.

Note: The motion controls on your unit are calibrated when you connect it so make sure it's sitting in a flat surface to avoid erratic behaviour.


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