How can I use multiple Midi Fighter Twisters together?


The Midi Fighter Twister can be identified under four different model names, meaning that software that relies on device/model names to identify multiple Twisters can now work with up to four Twisters simultaneously.

Available model names

  • Midi Fighter Twister
  • Midi Fighter Twister 2
  • Midi Fighter Twister 3
  • Midi Fighter Twister 4

In order to use multiple units with your software please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the MF Utility for your OS: Windows / OS X
  2. Download the Alternative Firmwares file and unzip it, it will give you a few *.hex files. Don't open it, you'll do that in step 6.
  3. Connect your Twister to a USB port, do NOT use a USB hub.
  4. Close any music related software that can handle MIDI such as Traktor, Maschine, Ableton, SeratoDJ, VirtualDJ, FLStudio, etc and then Run the utility.
  5. Click on "Tools>Midi Fighter>Load Customer Firmware>For a Twister"
  6. Navigate to the unzipped folder containing the .hex files and select a unique one per Midi Fighter Twister, then click "Open".
  7. The utility will now flash your Twister and it should show under a different name on your software of choice so it can be easily distinguished from your other controller.
  8. If you wish to use more than 2 units repeat this guide loading unique .hex firmware files per unit. 

Note: If your software does not rely on device names for identification (eg: Ableton Live) you will need to update the MIDI channels or commands each unit sends to avoid overlap.

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