Does DJ TechTools Ship Internationally?


Yes! - We ship products worldwide everyday to a lot of very satisfied customers.

A few things you will want to keep in mind:

  • To get shipping rates: Go to the cart, and enter your zip code + country
  • Some countries levy import taxes on shipments (that you need to pay) This can be 5%-20% of the declared value. 
  • We declare a low value to reduce import taxes (generally around 50% of the product's actual value) 
  • We are not able to mark any package as a gift (they often get returned)
  • The lowest cost is First class international shipping (USPS) (no tracking and takes 3-6 weeks to arrive)
  • The fastest and safest is FedEx International Priority and Express (1-3 days and comes with tracking)

What will my import fee's be (VAT)? 

Won't that make my order cost higher than a local store? 

  • Actually not, the local stores had to pay both VAT and shipping to get the product through their doors, and with the added mark up most dj products end up being more expensive in the local stores. 

Ok, but what about returns and support? 

  • All stores defer to the original manufacturers for support, which is also offered on all DJ TechTools purchases.
  • Returns are a little more expensive, with return shipping, but is probably still cheaper than the local price.
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    tomi mye

    Can ship to Malaysia ?