How To: Remove/Replace Standard Caps to Chroma Caps


We've seen enough people bend or break brand new gear, the below guide is a technique we use after hearing what people did wrong while changing theirs and countless changes on my own gear. Please, please, please take your time and caution when removing knobs.

So things to take note of....

  1. Only pull straight up, don't twist or wiggle the knob while pulling. (I find it easiest to put the controller on the ground and pull directly towards me) 
  2. You dont want to damage your existing knobs, the best way to do this is with a small piece of cardboard about a 1 inch square (I use the top of a cereal box as it flexible enough to bend around the knob. 
  3. You can't grip it with your hands don't be afraid to use a pair of Grips, pliers, etc. Here's where the Cardboard you got in #2 will come in handy.

Lay the controller on the ground, lay the cardboard over the knob, Grab the knob with pliers, pull right off, Line up and replace knob, Enjoy!

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    OK chris g I will try your way and see if that helps but where I've put the wrong button on it is stuck pretty hard?thanks again I will let you if it works jay

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    Brandon Mundweiler

    thank you chris you were such a help and it worked in no time thanks again for your help



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    Visitor 22623908

    the knobs in my novation twitch are very different, so how can i do it?