Using a Slave Mixer With the Kontrol S4


This setup makes use of the Thru mode available on the INPUT CHANNEL D of your TRAKTOR KONTROL S4.
The Thru mode allows you to plug any audio source into the INPUT CHANNEL D and directly forward it to the Main Outputs. This can be useful, for example, if you want to use an addition- al analog mixing system (turntables and mixer) whose mixer does not have enough inputs to act as a master mixer.

Starting from the basic setup, we will connect the audio source to the INPUT CHANNEL D on your S4 and configure the required settings accordingly.
Before you proceed, please follow the steps for the basic setup described in section
Connect Your Slave Mixer to the IN 3/4 Sockets

Plug your slave mixer into the IN 3/4 sockets and set the level to LINE.
On the rear panel of your S4, plug the main outputs of your slave mixer into the IN 3/4 RCA sockets of the INPUT CHANNEL D, and set the LINE/PHONO switch nearby to LINE.

Set the THRU/USB Switch to THRU

Set the THRU/USB switch to THRU.

On the INPUT CHANNEL D, set the THRU/USB switch to THRU to route the slave mixer di- rectly to the Main Outputs of the S4.
You cannot use a microphone together with another audio source plugged in the INPUT CHANNEL D. Since we want to use an audio source connected to the Inputs 3 and 4 of this channel, we need to unplug any connected microphone.
Adjust the Source Input Level

To adjust the input level of the source before it is sent to the Main Outputs, do the following:
1.    From your audio source (e.g. slave mixer), send some audio at the maximum volume that you plan to use during your performance.
2.    Adjust the Thru Gain knob (GAIN) located next to the THRU/USB switch on your S4 (see picture above).

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