Basic Overview of Kontrol S4 Layout With Traktor



(1) Decks: TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 provides you with four virtual Decks. The Decks are the place where tracks, samples and live input are played back. The Decks can be seen as the virtual equivalent to the good old vinyl or CD decks—just with a bunch of powerful additional features and the flexibility of a computer-based system. The two Decks on your S4 hardware controller allow you to control the four software Decks (labeled A, B, C and D) available in TRAKTOR PRO: The left Deck on your S4 can control Decks A and C in the software. The right Deck on your S4 can control Decks B and D in the software.

(2) FX Units: The signals coming from the Decks can be further processed by two FX Units located at the top of your hardware and software interface. You can even activate two ad- ditional FX Units in the software, allowing you to process each Deck individually. The FX Units give you access to the whole collection of high-quality FX included in TRAK- TOR PRO: The left FX Unit on your S4 can control the left FX Unit(s) in the software. The right FX Unit on your S4 can control the right FX Unit(s) in the software.

(3) Mixer: Sitting in the middle of your TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 controller and of TRAK- TOR PRO’s window, the Mixer receives on its four channels the audio signals coming from the four Decks described above. There is one channel for each Deck. As any DJ mixer, the Mixer’s purpose basically is to adjust the relative level of each channel, to control the channels’ frequency content, possibly feeding them into the FX Units before sending the overall result to the Main section at its top—and in the end, to generate the mix that is sent to your audience.

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