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TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 makes using timecode control easier than ever – straight out of the box with the included flagship TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 digital vinyl system and the Z2’s included soundcard.

Two turntables run into to the phono inputs of the Z2. Play standard vinyl on the left deck alongside TRAKTOR SCRATCH timecode control using the included timecode vinyl on the right deck. Switching from analog to timecode is just a press of the TRAKTOR button away.


TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 is versatile enough to act as the hub of any club rig. This setup shows the Z2 alongside the latest CDJ models (click this link to watch a video). TRAKTOR’s Advanced HID integration allows for ultra-fast setup with CDJs, and even lets you browse your TRAKTOR collection or trigger cue points directly from the unit – with visual feedback on its display.

Using the Z2 with TRAKTOR software in this way, you get two extra Remix Decks and deeper cue point and loop control – all without the need for an external soundcard. Have your entire DJ library with hi-res waveforms, your personal settings and unlimited FX possibilities via Macro FX in front of you every night: Every DJ booth is your DJ booth!


This "hybrid" configuration shows the Z2 as the centerpiece of an advanced setup.

A turntable with TRAKTOR SCRATCH timecode control is used next to a DJ CD player, connected via Advanced HID integration. Additionally, TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 adds hands-on access to all 64 slots of an entire Remix Deck™ for loops and one-shots. Mix in the Remix Deck output via the "Deck D" knob directly on the Z2 hardware.

See the hybrid setup in action here


TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 is a premium-grade 2+2 channel stand-alone mixer with 24-bit soundcard and integrated TRAKTOR controls directly on the unit. Multi-colored cue point trigger buttons allow for advanced cue point juggling. Using the new Flux Mode, you always drop back in on the beat.

Use additional controllers to add even more flexibility. Here, TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 provides control of transport and effects. You can also control all effects parameters on a third and fourth FX unit in TRAKTOR while using the Z2’s one-knob Macro FX on units 1 and 2.


TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2, TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 and two TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 Remix Deck controllers provide comprehensive control and spontaneous re-arrangement in this clip-oriented live setup. This is ideal for DJ-producers who want to build exciting, improvisatory sets.

The X1 gives in-depth control of track decks 1 and 2 including live loop sampling triggered via the loop encoder, while decks 3 and 4 are used for Remix Sets with dedicated control via the F1s. Expand this set with up to four F1 controllers!
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