How To: Use your S4 with Timecode Vinyl or CDs


TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 Timecode Setup Guide for KONTROL S4

This setup guide explains how to set up TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO for timecode control from two external turntables or CD players when using a TRAKTOR KONTROL S4.

    1. Make sure that TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 is installed and activated on your computer (TRAKTOR PRO 2 does not support timecode control).

    2. Make sure that your KONTROL S4 is connected to the computer and gets enough power (use the power supply).

    3. Make sure that nothing is connected to the MIC input of the KONTROL S4.

    4. Connect your turntables or CD players to the IN ports of the KONTROL S4 and set the switches on both Channel C and Channel D to PHONO (if you use turntables) or to LINE (if you use CD Players). Set the THRU/USB switch to USB:
    5. Run the Setup Wizard by clicking on the Setup Wizard button in the lower left corner of the TRAKTOR Preferences. Choose 2 TRACK DECKS (SCRATCH)when asked for your preferred Deck layout:Deck_Layout

      Input Configuration

    6. Go to the Input Routing in the TRAKTOR Preferences. In this area, you can assign the inputs on your KONTROL S4 to particular decks in TRAKTOR. The audio signal coming in on an input channel of your S4 is directed to the deck this input is assigned to. Configure the Input Routing as shown in the screenshot below:
      Deck A will be controlled by the timecode signal coming in on Channel C left/right, Deck B by the timecode signal coming in on Channel D left/right

    7. In order to monitor the incoming timecode signal, activate the Scope Panels for both decks. The Scope Panels show a graphical representation of the timecode signal and allow you to calibrate the timecode reception. Go to the Decks section in the TRAKTOR Preferences. In the section Platter / Scope, choose Scopefor the Decks you want to control with timecode (see screenshots):Scope_Panel_Setting
    8. Enable Scratch Control: Click on the respective letter in the Deck Header (A, B, C or D). In the menu that opens, choose Scratch Control. Do this for both Deck A and Deck B.

    9. Enable either Relative Mode or Absolute Mode by clicking on one of the respective symbols below the Deck (see screenshot). For more information on this, refer to the chapter 'Tracking Modes' in the Traktor Application Reference.
    10. TRAKTOR is now ready for timecode control. As soon as you start the playback of a timecode vinyl/CD, the Scope Panel will show a circular representation of the timecode signal: 


Note: If timecode control does not work after following the steps above, read the chapter 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 Troubleshooting' in the Traktor Application Reference. In case you played back a normal vinyl right before putting on the timecode record, Traktor may have attempted to run the calibration already and failed. In this case, hit the Calibrate button in the Scratch Panel in order to manually trigger the calibration while the timecode is running.

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