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1. Can MASCHINE be used without a computer?

No. MASCHINE was designed together with the new MASCHINE 2.0 software as an integrated system. This gives you the best of both worlds: making use of the latest computer technology while offering the intuitive tactile control hardware has to offer.

2. Does MASCHINE include an audio interface?

No. Most users already own an audio -interface or want to choose the one that fits their individual needs.KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 – Native Instruments’ high quality audio interface – is available separately.

3. Can MASCHINE record audio?

Yes. You can record internal and external audio samples via your computer’s audio interface input directly in real time (e.g. sample a drum loop or bass line), then slice and auto map the slices to pads for further arranging and remixing.

4. Do I need a prior version of MASCHINE software to install the MASCHINE 2.0 update?

Yes, you can only activate the update if you already activated the MASCHINE 1.x software via the Service Center.

5. How many samples can MASCHINE load at once?

A MASCHINE project in MASCHINE 2.0 offers unlimited groups and unlimited sounds. The only restriction on the amount of loaded samples is your computer’s RAM.

6. Does MASCHINE offer time stretch and pitch shift capability?

Yes. You can stretch samples to a specific BPM and shift to a specific pitch. BPM auto detection makes it easy to change tempo without losing the beat. It can also time stretch the sample to a specific length (e.g. 1 bar).

7. Can MASCHINE play chords and polyphonic material?

Yes. MASCHINE’s sequencer supports full polyphonic tracks and arrangements. Each sound can be monophonic (with or without glide) or polyphonic. In the sequencer, every sound can be played harmonically in the piano roll view via the hardware pads or with an optional keyboard connected to MASCHINE´s MIDI port.

8. What is the maximum number of patterns in a MASCHINE project?

Each group in MASCHINE 2.0 can hold an unlimited amount of patterns. All patterns can be accessed in real time from the hardware using the pads and bank selectors.

9. Can MASCHINE host plug-ins?

Yes. All KOMPLETE 9 plug-ins are perfectly integrated with MASCHINE. Parameters automatically map to the 8 display knobs on the hardware. MASCHINE also hosts all 3rd party VST and AU plug-ins.

10. Can I use the MASCHINE sequencer to control other software or hardware instruments?

Yes. You can control external hardware via MASCHINE`s MIDI interface. The MASCHINE controller offers 1 x Midi Out and 1x MIDI In ports for unrestrained connectivity. 

11. How many audio outputs can I use with MASCHINE?

The MASCHINE 2.0 software provides 16 stereo outputs. These can be routed within a host sequencer when using MASCHINE as a plug-in, or through your computer´s audio interface if it has a sufficient number of physical outputs. Every individual sound and group in MASCHINE 2.0 has one main bus and two aux busses, allowing you to also make efficient use of outboard equipment.
To route audio to individual channels in your DAW, please watch the following Knowledge Base Videos:
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12. Which file formats can be imported into MASCHINE?

You can import MIDI files, iMaschine projects, AIFF and WAV audio files, and REX 2 files including their slicing information. MASCHINE also offers import for MPC* 500/1000/2000(XL)/2500/3000/4000 programs.

13. Which file formats can be exported by MASCHINE?

You can export audio files in 16-, 24- and 32-bit depth, as well as MIDI files.

14. What is the difference between MASCHINE and BATTERY?

BATTERY is a dedicated percussion sampler mainly used within your DAW. It does not have a built-in sequencer.
MASCHINE is an integrated hardware and software solution for advanced groove production. It can be standalone with its own sequencer as your main music creation workstation. It also features real-time audio sampling and sound manipulation functions. MASCHINE 2.0 also has its own integrated Drum Synth, allowing you to create your own drum sounds from scratch.

15. Will the MASCHINE 2.0 software be available as a standalone product?

No. The concept and biggest advantage of MASCHINE compared to standalone hardware products is the extremely tight integration of hardware and computer software. While you can run the MASCHINE software without the hardware connected, it was designed as an integrated system. We currently have no plans to offer the software separately.

16. Are my 1.8 MASCHINE EXPANSIONS compatible with 2.0 software?

Yes, all 1.8 MASCHINE EXPANSIONS are fully compatible with MASCHINE 2.0 software after an update via the Service Center. MASCHINE EXPANSIONS released after the MASCHINE 2.0 release won´t be compatible with MASCHINE 1.8. They take advantage of the powerful new features in MASCHINE 2.0 such as the new Drum Synths, sidechaining and unlimited groups. 

Find out more in this Knowledge Base Article 

17. Are previous MASCHINE controllers fully compatible with the new 2.0 Software?

Yes. No matter what MASCHINE hardware you own, it will perfectly integrate with MASCHINE 2.0 software. Please check the MASCHINE 2.0 User Guide for details.

18. Is there a difference between KOMPLETE Elements and the new KOMPLETE Selection?

Yes. KOMPLETE Selection gives you more content than KOMPLETE Elements. It now comes with full versions of MASSIVE, REAKTOR PRISM, SCARBEE MARK 1 and SOLID BUS COMP. 

19. Can I still use my KOMPLETE Elements products inside MASCHINE?

Yes. All instruments are fully integrated after you update your KONTAKT and REAKTOR player.

20. Can I sell the KOMPLETE Selection license that comes with MASCHINE 2.0?

No. This license can’t be sold separately. It is a bundled product.

21. Do I need to install the KOMPLETE Selection if I already own KOMPLETE 9 or KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE?

No. All elements of the KOMPLETE Selection are already included with KOMPLETE 9 or KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE.

22. Can I use the Drum Synths as plug-ins in third party DAWs?

No. The drum synth plug-ins are exclusive to MASCHINE 2.0. They are perfectly integrated into MASCHINE’s workflow, letting you intuitively design and tweak your own drum sounds intuitively at any time.

23. I installed my MASCHINE 2.0 software but the KOMPLETE 9 Plug-In Strip compact view doesn`t show up.

To see your KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects in the KOMPLETE 9 Plug-In Strip you need to update them via the NI Service Center. Service Center was installed automatically with your NI product.

Start the NI Service Center. Open the ‘Update’ tab, make sure the checkbox for all your KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects are checked, and click the ‘Download’ button. When the download is finished, unzip the files and run the installer.

24. I own an older version of KOMPLETE – is there the same seamless MASCHINE 2.0 integration as for KOMPLETE 9?

Yes. All products included in KOMPLETE 9 are perfectly integrated after updating them via the Service Center. Discontinued products are not fully integrated, but still load as VST or AU plug-ins.

* "MPC" is a trademark of Akai Professional, L.P. and used with permission.






MASCHINE connected to laptop as an all-in-one production system. Soundcard to external monitors.


MASCHINE as studio centerpiece controlling external gear and receiving MIDI note information from MIDI keyboard. Sound routed through KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 to monitors.


MASCHINE connected to one laptop and synced to another running TRAKTOR PRO 2.


MASCHINE fully integrated into a DAW. MASCHINE 2.0 delivers advanced MIDI CC control. Create detailed automation lines in your host – MASCHINE stays locked to every tweak, pan, and fader ride.
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