Traktor Setup Wizard


The Setup Wizard is a convenient way to restart with a fresh “out-of-the-box” setup for all Native Instruments controllers. The Setup Wizard does two things:

  • It lets you choose from a few basic Deck and Mixer configurations and automatically sets the audio routing options accordingly.
  • It resets all other settings to their default values. You can start the Setup Wizard in two ways:

► Select Start Setup Wizard in the Help menu of the Application Menu Bar (to see this bar, Fullscreen mode must be deactivated).
► Click the Setup Wizard button at the bottom left corner of the Preferences window.

TRAKTOR PRO 2 automatically detects all Native Instruments controllers based on our NHL protocol and adds them to your configuration. This includes the following products:


If you are adding one of these controllers to your existing TRAKTOR installation, just install the drivers and plug them into a free USB port on your computer. All necessary settings will be loaded as soon as TRAKTOR recognizes the device.

Note: Depending on the model and your TRAKTOR configuration, you may have to activate features like Remix Decks or Scratch Control in order to make full use of your controller.

When starting TRAKTOR for the first time, the Setup Wizard will come up and guide you through the configuration process. The WELCOME screen advises you to connect all your devices and USB controllers. If you own one of the controllers named above, this is the only configuration step needed to add them to your TRAKTOR configuration.

Connect Controller

With our stand-alone controllers TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 / S4 / Z2, you will directly get to the DECK LAYOUT SELECTION screen to conclude the configuration.

Deck Layout

With the add-on controllers TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 / F1 however, the Setup Wizard will additionally enter the HARDWARE CONTROLLER SETUP and ask you whether or not your are using an external controller. This makes it possible to add another controller to your configuration which does not support automatic detection, including NI MASCHINE or other third-party TRAKTOR READY controllers.

Choose Yes only if you are using another TRAKTOR READY controller, and choose No if you are solely using one or more of the NI controllers listed in this article.

Controller Setup

If you choose Yes, Setup Wizard will take you to the HARDWARE CONTROLLER SELECTION screen.

Note: You will not find the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 / S4 / X1 / F1 / Z2 in this list, since these devices have already been configured automatically at the beginning of the Setup Wizard.

Controller Selection

If you got here but do not have another TRAKTOR READY controller to configure, just hit the Back button and choose No in the HARDWARE CONTROLLER SETUPas described above to directly get to the DECK LAYOUT SELECTION without adding another TRAKTOR READY controller.

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