QWERTY Drummer - Quick Start Guide


Getting started with the QWERTY Drummer software is quick and easy!

  • First, simply copy the application to a folder of your choosing, I keep it in my “applications” folder since, well… its an application.
  • To open, simply double click the application.
  • Once you have it open, you’ll want to select your MIDI OUT routing… select “from QWERTY Drummer - Mad Zach Sound Packs 1”

  • Once you’ve made sure you’re sending midi from the desired output, the next step is to open up your sound pack player, for example Kontakt. In the preferences of your pack player, you need to make sure you are receiving midi from the QWERTY Drummer. This is delegated in the preferences or options. In Kontakt, you need to assign a “port” to the input, I’ve chosen “Port A” because I’m in an “A” mood, but it doesn’t really matter which you choose in this case.

  • Next, you need to select the MIDI in port and channel from within the Kontakt player to “QWERTY Drummer” channel 1.

  • Lastly, it is important to note that you can move up and down octaves with the “Z” and “X” keys. Since for some reason most drum racks, etc. start at C1, you’ll typically need to hit “Z” twice to shift the QWERTY drummer midi down to trigger the samples.
  • Here’s a little guide to show you which keys on your computer keyboard trigger which MIDI notes…

Have fun and happy finger drumming!




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