VCI-400SE Firmware Upgrade Procedure


Note: If you have the “Stand Alone Mixer” audio firmware loaded onto your VCI-400SE unit, please downgrade the audio firmware to the default (using vci400_d006.bin) as explained with the necessary files provided in this article. It is important to set the audio firmware back to its default before updating the MIDI firmware to avoid any issues during the MIDI firmware upgrade process. 

The following are instructions to run your firmware upgrade from Windows PC. Please check and follow step by step.

  1. Download the attached zip file containing all necessary items to perform the upgrade.
  2. Connect your VCI-400SE to a Windows computer with a USB cable and turn the power ON with pushing EFFECT1 & EFFECT3 button on Left side. This will put the unit into bootloder mode. None of the LEDs should turn on.
  3. Double click and start "FirmUp.exe" which is included in the downloaded file.

  4. Go to MIDI Device Select and set MIDI IN and MIDI OUT to Vestax MIDI. Next go to Check Version and click Get Ver. The Current firmware version will appear. VCI-400SE FW v1 should be 00 07 00 04 while v2 reads 00 07 01 02.

  5. Go to Firmware Update and click Browse. Choose "VCI400up000.bin" inside the folder "VCI400SE MIDI FW v2".

  6. Click start to begin the update.

  7. Close FirmUp once the update is completed Turn off the power of the VCI-400SE and you should be good to go!

Note: The updated will not be complete until the power is turned off) 

If you'd like to revert to VCI-400SE MIDI Firmware v1, please repeat the steps listed above using the file in folder “VCI-400SE MIDI FW v1”. 

If you have any difficulty or issues switching the MIDI firmware on your VCI-400SE, please reference the in this article.

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