Midi Fighter 64 Firmware History - Current: 24 Jul 2017


This thread provides information about changes in the Midi Fighter 64 firmware. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available.

24 Jul 2017 (LATEST)

  • New expanded color map introduced. Specific velocity messages for each color are available on the User Guide (page 4).

11 Jul 2017

  • Reduced Note Off delay to minimize LED lag
  • Greatly improved performance when working with complex animations
  • Fixed bug that prevented White color to be invoked via MIDI messages.
  • White velocity range is now 121-126
  • On Color can now only be invoked using velocity 127
20 Jun 2017
  • Bank 2 added to device
  • Super Combos functionality added
  • ​On color can now be invoked via Midi Out.
  • Bootloader mode now properly displays checkerboard pattern.
08 Jun 2017
  • Improved MFU detection and general stability fixes.
01 Jun 2017
  • Initial Release

For any bug reports or issues please contact us at support@djtechtools.com



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