How To: Fix a Loose Twister Case


There is a rare chance that while handling your Twister will cause the rubber case to detach from the plastic casing (e.g. if you pull the case outwards). The process to reattach it is fairly simple but requires some patience due to the flexibility of the materials in use.



  1. This diagram shows the locking system that binds both parts together, black representing the rubber case and grey for the plastic chassis.
  2. Lift the L shaped bit of the case so that the end of it is pointing towards the case.
  3. Push the case down so that the L shaped lock is aligned to the opening in the chassis  and carefully push both parts together.
  4. If you aligned both part properly you'll see that the case needs some help so push the L lock inside using a plastic tool to prevent damage to the device or gently push the case with your fingers. 
  5. There you go! Both parts should be safely attached and your unit should look as great as usual!

Note: You might detach more locks of the case if you try to rush it so make sure you take a deep breath and be careful during the whole process.

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    Ross A. Reyman

    I’ve just spent a few hours trying to fix this with no luck. 😞 Is there any other options? Is there someone there at DJTT that is a wiz at fixing this? I’ll make the trek out to Burlingame if I have to! 😊