How to: Update your Twister's firmware


If you just bought your Midi Fighter Twister or haven't used the utility in a while chances are you might need to update it's firmware with the latest and greatest. This is a fairly straightforward process as long as you take some extra precautions. 

1. Download and install the MF Utility if you don't have it already on your computer (PC/Mac).

2. After you check that any other MIDI related applications (Ableton, Traktor, etc) are closed connect your Twister directly to your computer and open the MF Utility. DO NOT USE A USB HUB

3. Click on "File>Export Settings" and select a destination, this will back up your Twister's settings if you have customized your Twister beforehand and make sure you export it outside of the "Midi Fighter Utility" folder since your OS might lock this location and prevent the MFS file from being generated successfully.

4. If a new firmware is available for your device you should see a message in the utility as soon as your device is detected.

5. Click on the orange UPDATE FIRMWARE button and accept the pop up message warning you not to use a USB hub.

6. Once this process finishes your device will reboot and the MF Utility will now show it has successfully updated the firmware!

7. Click on "Tools>Midifighter>Factory Reset"  this ensures proper operation of the unit and clears any traces of the previous firmware in the event any was left.

8. Finally if you created a backup on step click on "File>Import Settings", then navigate to the saved MFS file location and import it. Make sure you click on "Send to Midifighter" in the main window to upload this to your device. (Note: if you are having erratic issues perform a factory reset and then rebuild your settings instead of importing the MFS file) 


When the update doesn't complete there are a few things you can check to ensure it's successful the next time

  • Try a different USB cable and/or port on your computer and making sure you aren't using a USB hub.
  • Double check there are no MIDI related applications open.
  • Disconnecting all other unnecessary peripherals such as other MIDI controllers or audio interfaces.
  • Closing the utility and disconnecting your unit between each update attempt
  • Reboot your computer (if the above suggestion fails)
  • If your unit is stuck in bootloader mode (checkerboard pattern) you can revert from it by following this article.
  • If the utility can't connect to our server double check that your firewall or internet settings isn't blocking it and contact us if the issue persists, we'll send you instructions on how to update it manually.

Should you still have issues then please contact us via a support ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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