Midi Indicators


MIDI In/Out Indicators

Live's Control Bar contains three pairs of indicator LEDs that tell you about incoming and outgoing MIDI. These indicators tell you not only about the presence of signals, but also about their use. In every pair, the upper indicator ashes when a MIDI message is received, and the lower indicator ashes when a MIDI message is sent.

The three indicator pairs represent, from left to right:

1. MIDI Clock and Timecode signals that are used for synchronizing Live with other sequencers. Note that this set of indicators is only visible when an external sync source has been enabled in the MIDI Ports List in the Preferences;

The Control Bar's MIDI Indicators.

  1. MIDI messages that are used for remote-controlling Live's user-interface ele-


  2. MIDI messages coming from and going to Live's MIDI tracks.

MIDI messages that are mapped to remote-control Live's user-interface elements are eaten up by the remote control assignment and will not be passed on to the MIDI tracks. This is a common cause of confusion that can be easily resolved by looking at the indicators.

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