File Types Used by Ableton



File types used by Ableton


Ableton uses the following file types:

  • .adg = ableton device group files (contains the preset for e.g. Instrument-, Drum- or Audio Effect Racks)
  • .agr = ableton groove file (contains timing and “feel” for the modification of clips)
  • .adv = ableton device preset (contains a stored variation of a Live device)
  • .alc = ableton live clip (contains references to samples on disk (rather than the audio data itself))
  • .als = ableton live set or template set (contains the layout of a set, such as tracks, devices, Clips etc.)
  • .alp = ableton live pack (contains either factory content or a packed Live set. Note: Pure content packs can only be created by Ableton)
  • .ams = ableton meta sound (contains a microtonal, additive synthesis waveform which can be created by Operator)
  • .amxd = ableton max for Live device (contains the Max for Live device which can be edited and modified with Max)
  • .asd = ableton warp analysis file (contains specific information about analyzed audio data such as e.g. Warp marker positions, Pitch etc.)
  • .ask = ableton skin file (contains the colors of Live's Graphical User Interface)

Max for Live specific objects:

  • live.arrows
  • live.button
  • live.colors
  • live.dial
  • live.drop
  • live.gain~
  • live.grid
  • live.line
  • live.meter~
  • live.numbox
  • live.object (API)
  • (API)
  • live.param~
  • live.path (API)
  • live.remote~
  • live.sliders
  • live.step
  • live.text
  • live.thisdevice
  • live.toggle

Filetypes supported by Sampler:

  • AKAI S1000
  • AKAI S3000
  • GigaStudio
  • EXS
  • SoundFont
  • Kontakt (non-encrypted)
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