Assigning MIDI Remote Control


Once your remote control setup has been defined in the MIDI/Sync Preferences, giving MIDI controllers and notes remote control assignments is simple:

1. Enter MIDI Map Mode by pressing the MIDI switch in Live's upper right-hand corner. Notice that assignable elements of the interface become highlighted in blue, and that the Mapping Browser becomes available. If your Browser is
closed,     open it for you.

2. Click on the Live parameter that you'd like to control via MIDI.

3. Send a MIDI message by pressing a keyboard key, turning a knob, etc., on your MIDI controller. You will see that this new MIDI mapping is now listed in the Mapping Browser.

4. Exit MIDI Map Mode by pressing the MIDI switch once again. The Mapping Browser will disappear, but you can always review your mappings by entering MIDI Map Mode again.

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