Midi Fighter Twister Ableton Scripts


We offer a range of scripts to expand Twister's functionality within Ableton Live that you can download for free! By clicking on the download buttons you'll be taken to the mapping section of our site where you'll find the scripts with a full description of their functionality and install instructions.

Ableton Sequencer

Special drum rack that emulates Twister's functionality in Traktor Pro 2. The sequencer can be used in conjunction with the other scripts mentioned in this article.



Control Surface Script

Gives your Twister APC like control over Ableton

  • Track Select/Solo/Arm/Mute/Volume/Pan/Sends
  • Device control and navigation (On/Off, Next/Prev Bank, Next/Prev Device, Device Lock)
  • 4x4 Clip Launching grid + Stops
  • EQ controls (assigned automatically to the first EQ3 or EQ8 in the track's chain)
  • Transport controls



Mad Zach's Handy Dandy Twister Ableton Device Control Script

This is a simple Ableton Live Script to allow Twister's bottom 8 knobs in bank 4 control any live device, effect, effect chain, or instrument which is selected (with the "device focus" blue hand) in Ableton Live.



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